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Kissimmee Ranks Among Top Places to Buy Vacation Home

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Kissimmee has long been recognized for its ideal climate and renowned local attractions like Disney World. It ranks among the top places to buy a vacation home for your family or as a short-term rental home for paying guests.

The social distancing guidelines resulting from the coronavirus pandemic have changed the needs of travelers. As a result, destinations offering plenty of outdoor activities are in greater demand.

If you’re looking to buy a vacation home that will appeal to travelers all year long, the vacation homes in Kissimmee offer a great opportunity for home investors.

Vacasa Ranks Kissimmee as a Top Vacation Home Destination

Kissimmee recently ranked among the Top 25 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home according to vacation rental platform Vacasa. The company’s annual report analyzed cities with a strong presence of vacation rental homes and compared their prices to those of the average home.

Vacasa releases its report to help buyers see the potential returns they can expect from investing in a vacation home. This year’s report highlights the interest in outdoor space among buyers and rental guests, especially in light of the limited options for indoor entertainment brought about because of the pandemic.

According to Vacasa, the average sale price of a vacation home in Kissimmee is $250,210 while its annual gross rental revenue is $33,969. This is just one of the reasons why Kissimmee continues to rank as one of the most popular destinations for home buyers and rental guests.

What Makes Kissimmee a Top Spot for Vacation Homes?

Kissimmee puts residents and their guests close to popular theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, as well as amusement and educational venues like Fun Spot America and Gatorland.

Each year, visitors from all over the world make their way to Kissimmee to enjoy local attractions, such as dinner theaters, championship golf courses, miniature golf parks, as well as the beautiful tropical weather.

Old Town KissimmeeThere are also plenty of fun things to see and do at Old Town Kissimmee, an 18-acre complex featuring with over 70 shops and restaurants, family-friendly attractions and rides, and weekly live entertainment – making it the perfect destination for families.

A Growing Real Estate and Vacation Rental Market

Despite the recent economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing demand for vacation rental homes. As restrictions are being lifted and the appeal of larger and more open spaces increases, more people are booking short-term travel stays in Kissimmee and the surrounding areas.

Travel restrictions have led to a boom in local holidays, and nearby residents are choosing to drive rather than fly. Booking a home in Kissimmee lets them get away while complying with new social distancing recommendations.

Kissimmee’s location makes it the ideal choice for holiday travel, and its proximity to so many attractions appeals to visitors. Home investors have the confidence in knowing that their vacation rental homes will draw future guests even in an uncertain economy.

If you’re interested in buying a vacation home and taking advantage of the thriving short-term rental real estate market, consult with a professional who understands the local market. Team Donovan helps home investors from all over the world buy and sell luxury vacation homes in Kissimmee and the Central Florida area. If you’d like to learn more and schedule a free consultation, contact us at (407) 705-2616.