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How to Maintain Income While Selling Holiday Homes in Kissimmee

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Selling your short-term vacation rental home lets you reinvest in a new home or maximize the return on your investment. But it can be challenging to sell a vacation rental home when it’s occupied by short-term rental guests. You don’t want to miss out on buyers willing to pay top dollar for holiday homes in Kissimmee. The following steps let you maintain rental income while selling your short-term rental home.

Keep Your Home Booked While You Sell

It doesn’t make financial sense to stop booking short-term rental guests when trying to sell your home. Keeping your home occupied ensures that you don’t lose revenue when promising buyers fizzle out.

Notifying your guests that your home is on the market can allow you to show the property to buyers even when the home is occupied. You can offer guests a discount, a gift card from a local restaurant, or other consolation for keeping the property neat and clean while allowing buyers to visit the home during their stay.

Show Your Home at the Best Possible Time

Waiting until the low season to sell your short-term vacation rental home can cost you in the long run. The low season may be the time of year when you normally perform maintenance on your home. However, it’s less than ideal to show your home to prospective buyers when it’s not in spotless condition.

Set aside days and times when you can offer a proper showing so you can prepare your home and notify rental guests in advance. Ensure your real estate listing has excellent photos of your property, and create a video that highlights the inside of closets, water heater, and other features that interest would-be buyers.

Know the Numbers with the Help of a Realtor

Working with a real estate professional can give you the resources you need to get the most out of your home investment. Market factors, interest rates, closing costs, and your financial goals can influence the decisions you make and the results you achieve. A realtor can address issues that are unique to short-term rental investment properties, which often involve management companies and managers.

As you can see, it is possible to maintain your short-term rental income while selling your home. Let your guests know that your home is for sale, and let buyers see that your home is occupied by paying guests. Buyers who see holiday homes in Kissimmee that have current and future bookings are more likely to pay a higher price.

Team Donovan helps today’s home investors buy and sell vacation rental homes throughout Orlando’s theme park area. We can help you maintain your short-term rental income while you sell your home and still get the highest return on your investment.

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